2009 VOP Show Programs!

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Check out the programs from the 2009 show!

Thanks again to all the designers, models, hair and makeup artists, and individuals and companies who donated!!


So far…

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The Models of VOP Fashion & Rock Show did raise more than last year, with totals reaching over $5,000. Although the donation will remain similar to the previous year ($5,000), considering the economy, this is a HUGE accomplishment!!

The Models alone raised nearly $1000, congratulations ladies and gentlemen!

The totals are not in yet, as designs are still up for purchase, and The VOP Show receives a portion of those proceeds.

And we’re still accepting donations! Please contact Rachael Abel at rachael.abel@gmail.com for information on how to send further donations to the ADA and Chris Peterlin, and for info on purchasing some of the great designs available.

Stay tuned for the PDFs of our programs, photos from the show, and more updates!


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The VOP show was a HUGE success!! We’re still tallying the donation amount, but Heat Nighclub was packed with photographers and supporters to cheer us on and support Chris Peterlin and the American Diabetes Association!!

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for photos, PDFs of our programs, and more!  We’ll also be posting the final amount donated, once we get that number.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us, to everyone who donated time, money and items for the auctions, and most importantly, to the fabulous director Rachael Abel, who was the main person responsible for making this year’s show bigger, better and more badass than ever!!

Daily Herald!

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Little bit of PR in Chicago’s Daily HeraldCheck it out!


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$10 donation at the door.

Heat Nighclub in Schaumburg.

We’re going to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!

CHECK IT OUT: Popular Underground Magazine

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The VOP Show has been published in Popular Underground Magazine!!  Check it out here!

What does $10 get you?

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Well, for the VOP Show $10 gets you in the door!  Rock!!

That’s not all… 100% of that $10 gets donated to the American Diabetes Association & Chris Peterlin!!

But wait… there’s more!

With your $10 donation, you get 2 free drink tickets!  They’re good at any of the bars in the club and on any kind of drink–shots, mixed drinks, beer–whatever your lush-ious heart desires!

So, in short, this Friday $10 gets you in to a rockin’ fashion show, is donated to two wonderful causes, and gets you two free drinks of your choice!!